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Dunga chama Afonso para jogos nos EUA by Villa Nova A.C.
agosto 23, 2007, 12:20 pm
Filed under: Amistoso Brasil, Convocação, Seleção Brasileira

Dunga convocou 22 jogadores para amistosos contra EUA e México, que serão nos dias 9 e 12 de setembro, em Chicago e Boston

Foto: Afonso comemora com Diego e Juan na Seleção

Afonso é chamado por Dunga, De Montpellier, onde a seleção derrotou a Argélia, na quarta-feira. O treinador da Seleção Brasileira fez na manhã desta quinta-feira a convocação de 22 jogadores para os amistosos da seleção brasileira contra Estados Unidos, no dia 9 de setembro, em Chicago, e México, dia 12, em Boston.

Segundo Dunga, Afonso teve poucas oportunidades de jogar na Copa América e quer observá-lo melhor. Os dois jogos serão disputados em território americano e serão os últimos antes da estréia do Brasil nas eliminatórias da Copa de 2010, contra a Colômbia, dia 14 de outubro, em Bogotá.

Com relação aos jogadores que foram para a partida contra a Argélia, houve cinco mudanças. Saíram os zagueiros Thiago Silva, Miranda e Naldo, o meia Lucas e o atacante Rafael Sóbis e entraram os zagueiros Juan, Lucio – que haviam sido chamados originalmente, mas foram cortados por lesão – e Alex; o volante Gilberto Silva, e o atacante Afonso.

O jogo contra os Estados Unidos será no dia 9 de setembro, em Chicago.

O jogo contra o México será no dia 12 de setembro, em Boston.

A relação dos 22 jogadores é a seguinte:

Julio Cesar

Daniel Alves

Alex Silva


Gilberto Silva

Julio Baptista

Vagner Love

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Concalcarations alves! But you’ll come back if you’re ready, wouldn’t you? Haha, yes of courso you do! Much luck with Brasil, and score!

Comentário por jeroen pouw

if you wanna be star
if you wanna be scream for your name
if you wanna be legend
ultrAslan fans of Galatasaray footbal Club

Comentário por Musa

alves come to galatasaray 30 milion fans are waiting u
forza cimbom

Comentário por cimbom

Fala sério!
Você? Na seleção? Novamente?
Cara, te olha no espelho! O Romário foi artilheiro na Holanda e chamou atenção até aqui no Brasil, mas você foi artilheiro mas ninguém te conhece!
Fora isso, no último jogo pela seleção, você além de não ter feito nada, perdeu um pênalti. Muito obrigado por nada!

Comentário por Eduardo Toledo

Dear afonso,

It`s better to stay in Heerenveen. This club will brings you lucky for the future! One more year Friesland Afonso, you can handle it! We do love you Afonso…Greetsz

Comentário por Afonso Alves EU Fansite

Afonso para com este bobagem. Tenho respeito para voce como jogador mas no como uma pessoa. Heerenveen tomei uma grande risco para te contratar e agora voce nao quer jogar para esta equipa? Voce e mesma uma vergonha, uma contrato e para respeitar. Se voce e homem vai jogar para o Heerenveen en depois pod ir para uma equipa mas grande no proximo epoca.

Comentário por Antonio R.

Oi afonso,

Quando tiennes a problemos con Heerenveen primero?
Que es ta cien do a hora?

Saludos Javier.

Comentário por Javier


Afonso, what the fuck are you doing?

I am a NAC supporter, and i dont even like the club heerenveen.

And still ive enjoyed your goals and superb play last season.

I thought that you were a very good player, as well, a down to earth guy.

Normal, working for his huge paychecks, trying to work as hard to get the most out of the talent youve been given.

Youve had a fantastic season. Youve earned a place in the kanarie team. Youve won the copa america.

You went on a holiday. En Then………

Your completely another guy, arrogant, golddigger, i cannot understand why Afonso?

I am living on welfare, i must eat at my parents cause i dont have enough money.

How much do you earn afonso? 2 or 3 hundredthousend euro pro year or so?

How much money are your own people earning, in the poor part of your own country?

DO you realise that many people on this world are struggeling to get some food?

What does this say about you?

I cannot belief that a guy has changed in a month that he wont come to work because you can earn more money at another club?


you arrogant brasilien basterd!

Go get to work! Youve signed a contract yourself, dont forget that.

Anyway, without heerenveen you did not have a carrere outside norway. You will have ever reached the canarie team.

So you own them a lot.

But all you see is money money money.

FUCK YOU!!!!!!!’


Comentário por NAC BREDA oldy

dear footballplayer. I don’t like football because it seems that people who wants to look intelligent suddenly wants to look stupid when they discover they signed the wrong contract. Stop all that shit. You signed a business contract, thats all. Don’t come with that sad stories about your family.

Comentário por s.vogelzang

Hi Afonso
Come one stay with heerenveen,afonso
i am a heerenveen fan en i love you
come one afonso !

Comentário por Atze

HEY DUDE! Obviously the people around you pushed you in all kind of directions and garanteed succes! Now this didn’t happen you have to pull yourself together! Im a fan of the AZ football club and I thought it would be great if you would come and reinforce us, but right now I dont even want you to play for us! You are not a professional at all

Comentário por PRIVATE

Afonso vc não poderia jogar num time tão RUIM desse…

boa sorte…

Comentário por Daniel

Hello Alves, I want to say 2 things, 1)What you say about Heerenveen as slave-owners. I think you have escalate that pronouncement, you are over-reacting with your opinion. but 2) I have very much respect voor you and your managers(Freitas and Turbicio or something). Heerenveen thinks they are a big club and can hold you to your 33 age. 16 million, that’s the price of 3 Cassano’s or 2 Huntelaars. That’s VERY rediculous!! I want to advise you to play for Heerenveen to the winter, but you must make clear at Heerenveen that if AZ(or a other club) is offering a offer of 9 million or more, You MUST leave that club, because Heerenveen humiliates you at the brasilian equipe, you are playing for the lowest club of the brasilian selection, you deserve MUCH more than a little club like Heerenveen! Ronaldinho and Kaka are laughing at you, you are a CLASS-Player! I LOVE YOU ALVES!!

Comentário por Hans

normally for guys with no backbone like you, I wouldnt even take the effort to write something down. But you are so pathetic I just HAVE to do it.
Who made you big? Heereveen! Who had the trust in you? Heereveen!
For you its all money right, and all the family crap is just a big show for you to make some extra cash. Dont forget who made you.
But thats typical for brazilian players, no character, and when someone shows some mirrors and beads, you are just like all the other monkeys.

we got one word for this: LOSER!

Comentário por Loek

Alves, d’ont play for Heerenveen, come and make us stronger! We humiliate each football-club, people are afraid of AZ Alkmaar, you make the puzzle complete, JOIN the red-white army and grow whit us super-striker! But…… be nice for us. Alves hero!!

Comentário por Kareltje

alves you are a dirty rat. Comparing your situation with slavery is absurd. You signed a contract for a lot of money how dare you compare that with slavery.

Comentário por fj

força Afonso !!!
passe por cima das coisas e dos coisas ruins !!!
do corinthiano :
Arthur Miguel

Comentário por arthur miguel

beste alves,

je gedraagt je wel een beetje triest vind je niet? heerenveen heeft jou gescout en jou de kans gegeven je te ontwikkelen tot waar je nu bent. Enw at doe jij? Heerenveen in de rug steken dmv. werkweigering. Jij kiest voor het geld, aangezien de clubs die hebben geboden geen duidelijke positieverbeteringen zijn. En dan nog NL verwijzen naar nazi’s? En heerenveen naar slavendrijvers? Ik heb nog nooit een “slaaf” gezien die zoveel geld verdient. Jij hoort niet naast je schoenen te lopen na 1 goed seizoen. Iemand met jou kwaliteiten moet nuchter blijven als blijke van echte professionaliteit. Blijkbaar ontbreekt dit toch.

Ik ben bang voor je, dat als echt grote clubs lezen en horen wat voor gedrag jij vertoond ze gauw weg duiken en jou nooit zullen voegen bij hun team aangezien jij die clubs ook met de grond gelijk zou kunnen maken als de positie je even nniet zint.

succes met… je eigen zin doen.


Comentário por alex

Get your selve together Alfonso. You are no professional. A professional does his work like he should do. You are a spoiled star. You owe the people of heereveen end the fans a lot more then you think. I hate football players like you. You think that you are a star because you scored a few goals last year. But you are not even close to Van Nistelrooij or Ranaldo or any other great player.

I hope that Heereveen benches you for the remainder of the year. after that year i would keep the price on your head op to 20 miljon. after 2 years no one will remember you. Then i would let you go.

If you where a pro then you would have showed up on time for practice and for playing games.

I think you should be ashamed of your selves.

Comentário por jeffrey

Ik ben het met je eens Alex. Dat zijn de juiste woorden. Heereveen heeft hem idd de kans gegeven om op een hoger platvorm te voetballen en zich te profileren naar de grote clubs. Heereveen krijgt stank voor dank. Ik hoop als Feyenoord fan dat zo’n kl##tz&k naar ons toe komt. maar ik het niemand. Geen enekel club.

Comentário por jeffrey

Niet naar ons komt bedoel ik. Ik gun het niemand. hehehe mijn nederlands is net zo goed als dat van Alves.

Comentário por jeffrey

Please go back to Brasil and stay there..
Not professional at all to stay home cause the the club who MADE U BIG did something wrong…??! Well thats life, so handle it, go play football and let them see that u worth it…cause now…your value is going down 🙂

Comentário por AJAX fan

Afonso you are certainly a very good player, but you crossed a line calling Heerenveen – fans Nazi’s, and Friesland a region where slavery is normal.

No use for that, shame on you. Don’t let money take over, be respectful to the hand that feeds you, the club that raised you and the fans that cheered you’re name.

No you all fucked it up for yourself, 26 years old.. Grow up, be an adult

Comentário por Ruben

Show some respect to the club who made you big. If SC Heerenveen didn’t have faith in you, you would still be playing in Scandinavia and probably never played for the Brazilian team… You behave like a spoiled child.

Comentário por Mr. Orange

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