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Escravidão vigora em Heerenveen by Assessoria do Jogador
setembro 4, 2007, 8:56 pm
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Muito se fala da existência de trabalho escravo no Brasil, fato que, lamentavelmente, é verídico em longínquas regiões do País. O que causa maior estranheza é perceber que em alguns cantões da liberal Holanda também há instintos escravocratas aflorando em pleno século XXI.

É o caso agora verificado em Heerenveen, cidade do clube homônimo, que preferiu manter o atacante da Seleção Brasileira Afonso Alves atado aos grilhões de um contrato defasado.

O SC Heerenveen recebeu várias propostas tentadoras pela cessão dos direitos federativos e econômicos do atleta. Porém, dirigentes amadores, dotados de uma miopia futebolística atávica, fizeram ouvidos moucos e preferiram prender o jogador. Não satisfeitos, esses mesmos dirigentes, que no Brasil não comandariam nem um time da Série Z, quiseram obrigar Afonso Alves a comparecer a uma cerimônia em que seria entregue a premiação aos destaques da temporada passada. Não há clima para salamaleques! Como comparecer a um evento em que torcedores motivados por alucinações nazistas não hesitariam em xingar o atleta de macaquinho, como fazem nas ruas de Heerenveen?

Jornalista Wagner Augusto Álvares de Freitas
Assessor de Imprensa do atleta Afonso Alves

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pô, sacanagem…

Comentário por O Estagiário

How dare you compare Afonso Alves’ €400.000 contract to slavery from which millions of black people have suffered and died? It’s disgusting!

Comentário por Slavery?

The only ones that are responsible for the sitation are you money horny disgusting agents !

Afonso gets paid more in a year than me in ten years, so stop talking about slavery ! Slavery is forcing someone to work for nothing at all !

No one forced Afonso signing with Heerenveen !

Im fed up with you lousy agents who do nothing else but fuckin up Afonso’s mind. Only thing that matters to you is money, money, money.

I’m sick of you people. Remember that Afonso’s rising star is made possible with the help of his teammates and SC-Heerenveen. Without them he still would be playing in Malmo and no one would have heard of him.

Stop crying like bad losers, get Afonso to play again for Heerenveen and he wil get his dream transfer !! Focus on het future instead of crying about how bad he is treated (he’s not by the way).

Comentário por Rednax

What a disgusting writing!!! How do you dare to compare this with slavery!???!!!! Afonso Alves signed the contract with Heerenveen HIMSELF!

And you can see the board of directors of Heerenveen as being amateur, but what about the staff of HSV with the V/D Vaart-thing!? Were they amateurs? NO! They just keep a player to what he signed himself [his contract].

V/D Vaart has more character anyway, he just plays for his club again.

Afonso, you should be ashamed of yourself, because you are the only amateur at Heerenveen!!!!

Comentário por Christiaan

Wagner Augusto, you are like a spreading tumor in this case. You use Afonso (and breaking him) for money.

Comentário por Tyson

awefull story Wagner… What kind of human are you. @Alves: Open your eyes and drop this kind of managers. They are destroying your life. They only think about the money wich they can earn with you…

Comentário por Rommie


Comentário por HAHAHAHA

Money surely makes you sick, these remarks are made by someone who is willing to do everything for money.

Btw, why don’t you have a FIFA license? Amateur! I know something else which is a clear sign of amateurism: forgetting to arrange the papers for Afonsos’ trip to the USA. But then again, if you are only thinking about how to earn money, using disgusting tactics, you probably forget simple things like that. Thank god the amateurs of Heerenveen are around.

Comentário por D.F.

Unbelievable you dare to write such nonsense. I doubt you are an educated man. At least you don’t show any common sense. Afonso earns 400.000 euros a year(you should know as you probably receive a part of it), which would mean 2 million(!) euros for 5 years of work. Have you ever heard a slave earn that much money? And who signed the contract? Afonso himself. Was he forced to sign the contract? Offcourse not!

And now you start accusing the Heerenveen-board of amateurism, just to hide your faillure of not getting the transfer. You couldn’t even arrange a visum for Afonso. Your behaviour is shocking and a disgrace for the sport. Wagner your a disgusting man. Afonso doesn’t deserve such a senseless idiot.

And now try to be a man and react for once to all the people here who took the time to give a reaction on your words. Instead of publishing one nonsense storie after the other.

Comentário por Fries

Dear Mr Alves,


Comentário por luuk

Dear Afonso,

Let’s start by saying you made the news by not showing up two nights ago, and almost everybody that left a message here seems Dutch. It clearly sais these people care about you (Though some seem to be more angry, but even that is a way of caring).
You said you’ve read a post wich said ‘monkeyboy'(Which I think is terrible), so maybe you’ll read these too. Every Heerenveen-fan bought his seasonticket hoping that this season would be maybe even better than last. That was for a great part because of you. Now it seems you are letting them down, and why? Because your agent tells you you can make more money somewhere else, where you will end up on the bench with a bit of bad luck? Haven’t you noticed what happened to Sneijder, he waited a few years before he left and is now the big man in Spain! and I kinda have the feeling he is very well payed. So if money is the reason, please think twice. And it is not that I care that much because it is you, or it is Heerenveen (I’m a PSV-fan). The reason I care is because of the fact you’re ruining this game by going to the big club and the big money, where you probably will not play this much, instead of playing at a nice club, with great fans, and with great fun. Don’t get me wrong, I shouldn’t stay at Heerenveen, if I had your skills, all my life too. But I would give the fans and the club what they deserve for offering you a great deal one year ago and supporting you throughout the year. I know you will not take this message serious, because, why would you change your thoughts because of just a fan? But it is all I can do to keep soccer in Holland the great game it is, and not just about the money…

Good luck with your career, you will get there.


Just a fan

Comentário por Martijn

Dear Afonso,

Let’s start by saying you made the news by not showing up two nights ago, and almost everybody that left a message here seems Dutch. It clearly sais these people care about you (Though some seem to be more angry, but even that is a way of caring).
You said you’ve read a post wich said ‘monkeyboy'(Which I think is terrible), so maybe you’ll read these too. Every Heerenveen-fan bought his seasonticket hoping that this season would be maybe even better than last. That was for a great part because of you. Now it seems you are letting them down, and why? Because your agent tells you you can make more money somewhere else, where you will end up on the bench with a bit of bad luck? Haven’t you noticed what happened to Sneijder, he waited a few years before he left and is now the big man in Spain! and I kinda have the feeling he is very well payed. So if money is the reason, please think twice. And it is not that I care that much because it is you, or it is Heerenveen (I’m a PSV-fan). The reason I care is because of the fact you’re ruining this game by going to the big club and the big money, where you probably will not play this much, instead of playing at a nice club, with great fans, and with great fun. Don’t get me wrong, I shouldn’t stay at Heerenveen, if I had your skills, all my life too. But I would give the fans and the club what they deserve for offering you a great deal one year ago and supporting you throughout the year. I know you will not take this message serious, because, why would you change your thoughts because of just a fan? But it is all I can do to keep soccer in Holland the great game it is, and not just about the money…

Good luck with your career, you will get there.
Just a fan

Comentário por Martijn

Dear mr. Wagner,

You seem unaware of what the word “nazistic” means. Let me explain: the nazi’s ruled Germany from the early 1930’s until 1945. They set up concentration camps to kill as many Jews, Gypsies, Gays, Slavs as possible. They also started a war (you might have heard of it, it’s called World War II).

Apperently you also don’t know exactly what is the definition of slavery. Let me explain: slaves were transported involuntarily from their home-country to plantations all over the world. They worked hard without getting pay. They lived in primitive huts. Their owner could do with them whatever he wanted. Whip them. Rape them. (Or be kind to them, which also happened.)

There are a number of books available on both subjects.

Warm greetings,


Comentário por lex

You should be grateful to Heerenveen. They offered you a chance on this platform. Because they let you play games and score goals, you are now in the National squad. You signed a contract for a specific amount of time; you can’t just throw away a contract after one year, while you signed it with your full consciousness.
Why do you want to leave now? Why not wait one more year? You still have a lot of years as a professional ahead. Show the people that you got balls and play one more year for Heerenveen, score a lot of goals again, and you will finally go to a much bigger club than the clubs that now showed their interest. (C’mon, were you seriously thinking about playing for AZ, in the Dutch league, for the upcoming 5 years?? You can do better than that!)

An NEC fan

Comentário por AK jr

Brazil has always been most kind when it comes to nazi’s. I don’t see the problem.

Comentário por Tarballs

I wouldn’t be surprised if Wagner himself is a son of a German nazi-refugee who fled to Brazil in 1945. His name certainly sounds Austrian/German.

Comentário por Mozart

It’s disgusting to compare this situation with the slavery. You have to make apologies to sc Heerenveen.

Comentário por Jaap

You’re an oke football player, but a lousy human. You signed a contract, earn a great salary. Heerenveen was willing to sell you, but not a for a price too low. As Ajax fan I would have liked it if Ajax bought you. But after seeing this, I feel differently. I think clubs should never want to buy a player with your character and I hope all European clubs have the balls to make a statement vs your attitude.

Comentário por man

Slavery is a big word, 2 big if you ask me.
Afonso signed the contract with a clear mind (I hope).
It’s to bad that he couldn’t get the transfer he wanted this summer.
But there is always the winter, and another summer.
Plenty of oppertunities to transfer to another club if your unhappy.

How dare you compare Afonso Alves’ €400.000 contract to slavery from which millions of black people have suffered and died? It’s disgusting!

And there are still slaves, in Africa, Asia, Europe (prostitutes) and North and South-America.

Comentário por AZ'er

I read your statement Afonso Alves and even though I’m a Feyenoord supporter I’m totally disgusted by what you have said.

When you signed your contract at Heerenveen you knew you were going to defend their colours for 4/5 years. You didnt negotiate a release clause and YOU made the decision to join them.

They offered a great opportunity to join a decent team in a much better league and they were just as responsible for your succes as you are. Your a National Team player for Brazil now and won the Copa America and you ended 2nd in the Euro Goalscoring charts.

And now you stab your team and your fellow team-mates in the back just because you want to make more money..?? Your a joke and you dont deserve to be a football player.

Millions and millions of people would die to be in your shoes and you say you are being used as a slave..??? YOU signed that contract and Heerenveen have every right to ask the transfer fee they want.

What about the fans who pay money to see you and supported you all the way until you stabbed them. And what about your team-mates who are the base of your succes !! Without them you were absolutely nothing. The same with Heerenveen. If they didnt take the gamble and made you their most expensive signing ever you would still be in Sweden being a nobody and Dunga wouldnt even know your name.

I hope you take your words back and make the biggest apology ever because you insulted a lot of people in the world. Young girls are being used as slaves all over the world…10 year old boys forced to work because they cant eat , people dying because they have nothing.

Your kids are bloody well fed , you live in a big house in a very peaceful society and a great country. You make a shitload of money and your ”doing probably the thing you like most , a hobby for work”….And your a slave..

I’ll say it again. Your a joke and dont deserve to be a football player. Someone should take all the money you have ”earned” and donate it to people who have it really bad. Truly the most inhuman and selfish thing I’ve heard for a long while…

SCF = Feyenoord Supporter.

Comentário por SCF08

Dear mister Alves,

You sold your soul with your disgusting remarks. Millions of people have died during slavery. How is it possible that you compare yourself with a slave? The truth of the matter is that you became greedy and you are willing to do anything for an extra buck. It is shameless.
I hope that god have mercy on your soul.

kind regards, Mike

Comentário por Mike

Hi Afonso,

don’t disappoint the fans and just play another year for Heerenveen. And you should considering changing your managementteam, because they seem corrupted to me, they only think about their own profits. So don’t listen to them anymore, stop crying like a baby and play one more year for Heerenveen. You should be grateful they gave you the chance to play top football, a year ago you were happy enough to sign the same contract you now detest. Think twice, be a proper man and fulfil your obligations as a professional…

a PSV-fan

Comentário por Anton

@SCF08, mooi en goed gezegd!

Comentário por Foppe

Estes comentários são uma acusação às pessoas de Holanda.

Sou holandês, mas visita Brasil várias vezes num ano e eu estou em amor com os brasileiros, seu meio de vivo e sua cultura. Além do mais sou um passivo torcedor do clube de futebol SC Heerenveen.

Eu nunca encontrei Afonso em pessoa, mas parece a mim um homem muito amável e simpatico. Desaprovo se chamou-o macaquinho, Porque desaprovo qualquer tipo de racismo. Mas comparar a sociedade holandesa inteira com um comentário individual não é aceitável. A sociedade Holandesa em baseado numa multi sociedade cultural e racismo não é excetuado. Por que Romario e Ronaldo nunca teve este sentimento quando jogavam em Holanda???

Mas senhor Wagner Augusto Álvares de Freitas como ousa usar em seu conteúdo a palavra de alucinações nazistas; especialmente depois que o que aconteceu em Holanda em Segunda Guerra Mundial – muitos de nossos pais e antepassados foram assassinados, foram transportados às câmaras de gás. A maioria destes Bárbaros nazistas fugiram à América do Sul depois a Segunda Guerra Mundial e algum deles foram hospedado por seu país – o que que diz de você? (Talvez eu não devia ter mencionado este como eu agora adapto a seu nível)

Posso imaginar que Afonso quereria ir a outro clube e ganha mais dinheiro que ganha hoje em dia. O Heerenveen está disposto a deixar Afonso, mas não vai contra qualquer preço. É seu melhor jogador e como são homem de negócio, Heerenveen é também. A última oferta era de outro clube Holandês (mais alucinações do nazista – estão seguro quer ir aí? ??) que ofereceu 14,5 milhões mas ser pagado sobre um período de 5 anos. É como você compra um carro em crédito!!

Concernente a cerimônia de futebol de segunda-feira passada, Afonso teria sido honrado como melhor jogador e o melhor marcador da liga holandesa. Eu não conheço um jogador profissional de futebol que não quereria ser honrado para isso.

Bem espero que Afonso compreenda o que a transferência a SC Heerenveen teve um grande benefício a ele: apreciação, alegria, fama e um lugar na esquadra brasileira. Além do mais espero que compreender o que a desconfiança que ele causou a seus companheiros de equipe e aos torcedores de SC Heerenveen que apoiou-o um ano longo. Penso que uma desculpa seria apropriada!!!

Comentário por Juanito

Dear Afonso,
Of all great forwards that Heerenveen has had overthe past years, you are the very best. That’s better than players like van Nistelrooy (real Madrid), Huntelaar(Ajax) and many more. For both sides there’s much to say. There’s only one thing I fail to understand, but that might be because I’m a die hard Heerenveenfan. Why would you want to leave us and go to AZ? Why not wait untill winter (meanwhile scoring the most beautifull goals mankind has ever seen) and then go to a real topclub? By then you should have enough caps to be able to go to England, which makes your opportunities even better… However it’s sad for you you’re not gone yet, I hope you understand we are very happy to have you on our team for as long as it lasts. I want you to know we still have faith in you and hope you’ll play again soon. Oké, we desperatly need you after a seasons start like this… See you soon and good luck with the canaries!

Comentário por Karst Bulsing

Heerenveen is for Nazi’s. Friezen we call them.

Groningen is the place to be.!

Alves, get the hell out.!

Comentário por Pipo de Clown

Wagner, (e o Tibu e o Caio)

Vc e uma vergonha! Incrivel…. que cara de pau!

Gamba, vc nao merece empresarios tao incapazes!

Comentário por Frank



Comentário por Hitman

It is clear that Mr. Wagner is the worst thing that ever could happen to a footballer. Breaking a leg? Nothing compared to have your brain washed by Mr Wagner!

Please, stop whining and start doing the thing you are good at: playing football!


A Vitesse Arnhem-fan.

Comentário por JK

Wagner Augusto Álvares de Freitas,

Iff the FIFA has balls, they give you red

Comentário por GH

Let me tell one thing heerenveen has no racism on the stands.
All the fans have respect for Afonso, the only people who have no respect for Afons are Tiburcio and Augusta A. Because those 2 people want to make money whit Afonso because they got 10% of the transfer-money.
The only people who show no respect for afons are his “friends” they want to make money by selling Afonso.

Comentário por Frisian Till i die

This is a disgrace for all Brazilian Football players. Afonso and his companions are making a statement that their first priority is not playing for a club, but to get as much money as fast as they can.

Shame on you Afonso. Be more gratefull to the people of Heerenveen and the Dutch football league.

Let your feet speak, not your business partners.

Go in Peace,


Comentário por Romarío de Souza Fariah

Afonso Alves signed his contract at SC Heerenveen himself, so he should stick to that. If he wants to leave so badly, why not pay for that himself? If he decides not to play anymore, there are only losers in this case: Alves won’t deserve the transfer he so desparately wants, and Heerenveen loses it’s best player.
So, Afonso, just get on that field again and score a few goals for the “Nazi’s” (what a disgusting word to use in a context like this, I really was shocked to read it) that adored you last season. You where the hero man, do you really not care about that at all…?

Comentário por James

You ungrateful @(#$*&^!!!

Comparing the most beautiful job in the entire world with slavery. Blegh.

Comentário por Superbeest PSV

Propaganda was a specialty of the nazi’s. A lot of nazi’s went to South America after WWII. Adolf Hitler was a big fan of the composer Wagner.

Hey Augusto, tell us who your father is!

Comentário por Tarballs

What a bullshit. To compare yourself as a victim of slavery.

Afonso Alves, get the F… Out of Holland. We don’t want you anymore and take that bunch of criminal advisors with you.

Comentário por Erik

I hope you break your leg, asshole!

Comentário por Ruud

Dear Afonso Alves,

You can suck my big hairy balls. Hope you spend the rest of your contract playing for the 2nd team at Heerenveen.

Comentário por BobbyK

Please(mr) Wagner, if you see MONEY or this signe $ your head became crazy… he needs more money please he gets paid where we have to work for for 24 hours at days 7 days in a week, 5 years or more long. And then, we are bad? Heerenveen is bad? You and your stupid Colleagues are the only ones who makes a hell of Afonso his life!!

if u didn’t pussed him to get away from heerenveen and get to a team where he can get paid much more money,and you too, cause thats your problem, then he was still happy and play for Heerenveen, makes a lot of goals and still whole the world wanted to have him in a team,

But who wants a player who is depressed? not wanted to play anymore? and have people like YOU arround him?

IF he didn’t come to Heerenveen, he wasn’t that good like he is now,


I never thought there would be still people like you in the world….

bad for the soccer world

bad for Afonso

bad for heerenveen

Bad for us..

Thank you verry much breaker of everything!

No one wants to have a

Comentário por MV

Pipo de Clown kuthoofd.. Kappen nou :X

Oh and Alves, dont act like a schoolgirl.

Comentário por venom

Hope to see you this winter to play with AZ Alkmaar. You’re welcome! Louis van Gaal still needs you in his team.

Comentário por Geo

Alves die in hell!!! If you take one step in our f*king land in kick the shit out of you! YOU TIBURCIO I’M GOING TO KILL YOU F*KIG DOGG!!! ALVES DIE IN DOG SHIT!

Comentário por anti alves

Mr Wagner,

I always thought that the management of players were sly persons and keen on money.
But they are also stupid and have a very low IQ. Because by this comment the sale of Afonso is still further gone.
You should be deeply ashamed of yourself with your ridiculous and offending remarks! If you have no idea of history, please shut the hell up!
I knew all that many speculators had a doubtful reputation, but you are most awful in your type.

Comentário por Tony

I don’t hope ‘Anti Alves’ is a visitor of the Abe Lenstra Stadium. I really don’t like words written like that. But like I said I don’t like the words written by Mr. Augusto either.

Comentário por GH

I feel so terribly sorry for you Afonso. Even slaves do not get so underpayed as you, and don’t have to work under such terrible conditions as you. It not amazing that a player that get payed only 400.000 euro’s a year is very unstatisfied with his club.

Please, get a life. You are a Brazilian. You know what poverty means. Don’t listen to that unqualified agents of yours, but play one other season in the Dutch league. Im sure one day a big international club will buy you.

Than you make your fortune and you can help all the slaves around the world with the same compassion as you feel for yourself.

Comentário por HK

You are sick Augusto! Only money is important for ill people like you! Shame on you.

I hope we will never see Alves again in Heerenveen. We don’t need people like you and him in Heerenveen.


ANTI discusting Brazilans!

Comentário por Feanfan

You are sick Augusto! Only money is important for ill people like you! Shame on you.

I hope we will never see Alves again in Heerenveen. We don’t need people like you and him in Heerenveen.


ANTI discusting Brazilans!

Comentário por Feanfan


COME ON PLAY FOR HEERENVEEN EN BECOME TOPSCORER OF THE DUTCH COMPETITION AGAIN AND THEN YOU WILL BE SOLD FOR MORE THAN 20 MIL. TO A REALY BIG CLUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comentário por FCT

oh yeah and augusto…


Comentário por FCT

Augusto você golddigger sujo você é um prostituta

Comentário por FCT

ALVES you’re the pride of heerenveen, play for us en become topscorer and you wil find your asolute topclub
Afonso Alves, make us proud!

Comentário por heerenveenfan

You played for an average club in Sweden, not that succesful. Heerenveen paid alot for you, the biggest transfer they ever did. You signed the contract, you weren´t drunk while you signed it were you? KEEP your contract!

Also, how dare you to compare this to slaverny, i´m heavily offended by this. Someone who is a football player, making tons of money by doing what he likes to do most compared to poor poor people who have to do awful things whole day without good eating. HOW DARE YOU!

Also, NAZI-supporters? This is the most disgusting thing i´ve read in this whole case. The whole past season you were adored by all Heerenveen-fans, we sang songs, cheered, had a great time. Then you call us NAZIS!! After all the Netherlands have suffered in the Second World War, and i´m heavily offended we are called NAZI-supporters now.

Brian vandenBussche was right, you are letting the whole Heerenveen-crowd down. Weak weak character.

Comentário por Niels

If I was Heereveen I put alves in the reserve team, this guy doesn,t deserve to play with this attitude and he is nothing worth for the team because his mind is somewhere else

Better sell him Mr Kuipma to a brazilian club

and alves if you ever read this get rid of wagner or you will be playing again in the allsvenskan who says you can repeat last season, and do well in a big european league I don,t think so

Comentário por Sporting Portugal

This nonsense should stop Alfonse..i have read that you earn 400.000 euro’s a year. I guess that with this amount of money you don’t have to live on the streets of Heerenveen and it should even be possible to enjoy an evening meal every day…

Why on earth is your agent using the words slavery to characterize the situation you are in at this moment!! Probably you have never been to Auswitzch, a concentration camp where they gassed 1.6 million people. It is disgusting and I think even unacceptable that your agent is using these words..

I think you have been dominating the soccer news long enough so stop this wining and get playing again!!

Comentário por max

Afonso, nao entendo como vc pode deixar uma care como iste Wagner escrever em seu nome. E uma vergonha o que a care escreve, comparando a torcida da heerenveen com os Nazis. Holanda sufre muito durante a Guerra e ele nao tem direito de escrever isso. Vc t que romper com iste cara, ele e muito mal para seu imagen e carrera!

Comentário por Monkey Boy1

No big club is interested in a player who acts like an infant, a cry baby. a player with agents who are in reality mobsters only interested in dollars, euro’s and pounds, and not in Afonso, SC Heerenveen or it’s supporters.
Afonso, grow up and get rid of Wagner, tiburcio and the rest of the scumbags.
Afonso Alves, you made us happy, but now you making us furious.

Comentário por sonnema

Dear mister Wagner Augusto Alvares de Freitas,

What is your reaction now you read all this?
Apologies? To the fans, to sc Heerenveen and to Afonso?

I am deeply agrieved about youre slavery-comment.


Comentário por Ruud


You can be very stupid huh? Now for real, compare Heerenveen with real slaves ?? I suspected better from you. This does change much when you don’t play for Heerenveen anymore.. You don’t play any matches anymore, you will lose the rittim, when you lose that, you can shake the ‘selecao’ …

Comentário por Tristan Leclerc

If i was you i would start looking for another manager and appoligise for his behaviour.
He is destroying the little reputation you have left.
Making statements like that does not only make you look bad at your current employer Hereveen, but also makes you look very bad for the rest of the world.
Do you think a bigger club is looking for a player who accuses his employer of slavery? i don’t.
Plus a statement like that could get you in a lot of legal problems.
I hope you wake up and start acting normal very soon because sportwise, you could be great but your current judgement is way off my friend.

Comentário por wakeup

Mister Wagner Augusto Alvares de Freitas,

You must be really out of your mind.
A contract is a contract.

Your referring to nazism and slavery is a real shame.
Your client should fire you immediately.

Comentário por Robert

Well Mr Augusto. That’s some strong language you’re using there. Comparing Dutch footballclubs (or Frisian for that matter) with the nazi regime is the most stupid thing I’ve ever read. How hard it must be for Afonso to earn only €400.000 a year just to practice his hobby. I’ve read the comment which said ‘monkey boy’. It wasn’t a Heerenveen fan that left that comment. They worship(ped) Alves!

I don’t have to tell you, Mr Augusto, that a lot of nazi officers fled to South America after WW2. Your surname is Wagner… Hmmm sounds pretty German/Austrian to me.

I don’t have to tell you that (modern) slavery hasn’t got anything to do with earning €400.000 a year, just to play some football. Which isn’t plucking cotton and other hard labor that slaves had to do. I don’t believe that Alves has been raped, abused and degraded.

The things YOU made in your statement are racist to me and many others. So please, stop whining and play some good football and score a lot of goals. Your time will come.

PS: Mr Augusto, I would like to have my grandfather’s bicycle back.

An Ajax fan.

Comentário por Frisian

Heerenveen has the reputation as the most sympathetic club in the Netherlands!!
U should drop ur agent and ask Gomez, Alex ur brazilian collegues for a better agent!! U have to understand that keeping ur agent WAGNER will RUIN ur career!! NO ONE will want to sign u if u get a bad reputation. DONT u understand heerenveen only wants to let u go to a real TOP club in europe! Ur complaining about earning 10 times more…. At the top european clubs u’ll make even MORE!!!

PLEASE PLEASE have a talk with ur teammates in the brasilsquad!! they can help u get back on track!!!

Comentário por G

I suggest that whoever came up with the idea to call Afonso Alves a slave because he could earn ten times as much elsewhere, visits the regions where actual slaves reside. Perhaps that will alter this person’s point of view.
When it comes to Alves himself, it’s rather unbelievable he doesn’t contradict what’s written on here, though what I take out of this is that he never actually had a proper education and doesn’t realize what the words that are being used in this article actually mean. There is a lot of commotion around Afonso Alves, but the fact that he cannot handle the situation only goes to show that he is in fact mentally weak. Afonso Alves’ behaviour and lack of communication does not only partially show a deficit of determination and/or confidence, it also takes away the belief in his ability to perform as football player which in fact had grown to enormous proportions by many critics, fans and pundits alike, but eventually even more important, as a human being. Though I doubt Afonso Alves or anyone directly related to him will even bother to read my post, it should be clear that to play for Heerenveen is still a priviledge for many, many beings all over the world who envy him for that alone. I have faith in the fact he can still succeed as the brilliant player we witnessed last season, but he certainly still has a lot to learn, for example that the money he earns each year with his current contract strongly exceeds the salary of at least 90% of the Dutch residents.
Players who do not bother to show mutual respect and/or perform are quickly forgotten. Alves would probably do himself a favour by getting a proper education, which might make him realize that what he has done the past few weeks is disrespectful to those who have/had faith in him: Verbeek, squad players and fans.
It’s not too late yet for Alves to redeem his reputation somewhat, but he certainly has to speak out himself and tell people how he feels about the entire situation, and last but not least, he should react to this very offensive article written by his correspondent. You didn’t actually believe people in the Netherlands etc. wouldn’t be able to read this and get offended because it’s not translated to English? Major Dutch news sites already have the entire article accurately translated and it certainly doesn’t improve Afonso Alves’ current standings. Unfortunately, so far it has appeared this player is not more than a puppet and he has done nothing so far to show his strings aren’t being pulled by someone else. One might assume a player with such outstanding skills to be in a proper mental state, but apparently, nothing is as it seems.

A poor translation to Portuguese/Brazilian:

Eu sugiro que quem quer que veio acima com a idéia chamar Afonso Alves que um escravo porque poderia ganhar a dez vezes tanto quanto em outra parte, visita as regiões onde os escravos reais residem. Talvez que alterará o ponto desta pessoa da vista. Quando vem a Alves ele mesmo, é rather inacreditável ele não contradict o que é escrito sobre aqui, embora o que eu faço exame fora deste é que nunca realmente teve uma instrução apropriada e não realiza que as palavras que estão sendo usadas neste meio do artigo realmente. Há uns muitos do commotion em torno de Afonso Alves, mas o fato que não pode segurar a situação vai somente mostrar que está no fato mentalmente fraco. O comportamento de Afonso Alves’ e falta de uma comunicação não somente mostra parcialmente um deficit da determinação e/ou confiança, remove também a opinião em sua abilidade de executar como o jogador do football qual no fato tinha crescido às proporções enormes por muitos críticos, ventiladores e pundits igualmente, mas eventualmente mesmo mais importante, como ser humano. Embora eu duvido Afonso Alves ou qualquer um relacionado diretamente a ele o incômodo da vontade mesmo para ler meu borne, deve estar desobstruído que ao jogo para Heerenveen é ainda um priviledge para muitos, muitos seres toda sobre o mundo que envy o para aquele sozinho. Eu tenho a fé no fato que pode imóvel suceder enquanto o jogador brilhante nós testemunhou a última estação, mas tem certamente ainda muito para aprender, para o exemplo que o dinheiro ganha cada ano com seu contrato atual excede fortemente o salário ao menos de 90% dos residentes holandeses. Os jogadores que não se incomodam mostrar o respeito mútuo e/ou o executar são esquecidos rapidamente. Alves far-se-ia provavelmente um favor começando uma instrução apropriada, que pudesse o fazer realizar que o que fêz o passado poucas semanas é disrespectful àqueles que fé de have/had nele: Verbeek, jogadores do squad e ventiladores. Não está demasiado atrasado ainda para Alves redeem um tanto sua reputação, mas certamente tem que falar para fora dhimself e dizer povos como sente sobre a situação inteira, e último mas não menos, deve reagir a este artigo muito ofensivo escrito por seu correspondente. Você não acreditou realmente que os povos nos Países Baixos etc. não poderiam ler isto e começar offended porque não é traduzido ao inglês? Os locais holandeses principais da notícia têm já o artigo inteiro traduzido exatamente e certamente não melhora posições atuais de Afonso Alves’. Infelizmente, assim distante tem parecido este jogador não é mais do que um fantoche e não fizeram nada assim distante mostrar que suas cordas não estão sendo puxadas por alguma outra pessoa. Se pôde supor um jogador com tais habilidades proeminentes para estar em um estado mental apropriado, mas aparentemente, nada é enquanto parece.

Comentário por Miryks

Dear Afonso,
I am a huge SC Heerenveen supporter and the least season with you in our team was seriously a beautifull season for me! I am very sorry that the transfer you wanted did not happen, but…. you have a contract for more than 1 season, so SCH is in it’s rights, and not you, please remember that!! And for some reason (call it good faith in people)I just don’t believe you would seriously disrespect the SCH supporters, your teammates and your coach who have supported en aplaudded you all of last season. So why do you let your pressguy release such a writing as the above? I ofcourse do want you to have a great transfer!! you as a player are ofcourse of a class bigger then SCH, but if you would have gone to AZ then AZ would have become a even more bigger concurrent. I think you should go abroad, and I think that’s why SCH did not allow you to transfer yet, they want to waite and see if in the winter some abroad club will pay the price for you they are comfortable with…. so I hope you will prove everybody wrong en show us from now until the winterstop that you are not just the man everybody makes you out to be the last couple of weeks (arrogant etc…) but a great soccerplayer!!!! and blow everybody away with your amazing goals, that way you will probably go to a nice abroad cluk in the winter en everybody will have forgotten this episode…. I hope you will give the SCH supporters some respect this last few months en wish you luck with everyting!!


Comentário por FeanFamke

Grow up Augusto. If a contract is signed you’re obliged to follow up on it. If you knew YOU want Alves to be sold right now, while his contract forbids it, you should’ve included a clause. And if you’re sure about Alves you would know that he would be worth around the same amount of money that is being offered right now when his contract is expired.
Basically; you screw Alves by these stupid comments of yours and you don’t trust him to be a good soccerplayer next season.

Comentário por Dumbass

Afonso Alves how can you compare SC Heerenveen with slavery, you earn a lot more money than a slave. I think you deserved a transfer too but don’t forget that YOU signed a CONTRACT with SC HEERENVEEN of 4 YEARS. If SC Heerenveen wants they can let you play that 4 years, don’t forget they can break or make your career. If SC Heerenveen wants (what I think should be very well) they can hold you on the contract but don’t let you play, if SC Heerenveen wants that that is very understanding because YOU SIGNED A CONTRACT!!! and a contract is a contract. I understand the people around you are making you crazy with a lot of things they want you to say but please lead your own way and come back in Heerenveen and play, don’t forget sc Heerenveen helped you become this very well player. Please come and make a lot of goals and deserve a transfer during the winter!!!

Comentário por SC Heerenveen Fan

you alot of money and you still complain….

So your a soccer player that only plays for money..

Comentário por Yourlame

modern slavery my ASS! you are just going after your own private goals (probabbly money). by comparing Heereveen with slavery you disgrace the real slaves that suffered during the decades of slavery you asshole!

Comentário por quintessens

This disgusting! And that Wagner fool even dares to call himselff a journalist, when he is nothing more then a lowlife real-estate agent trading human lifes…

Afaonso wake up and see who the real slave trader is, your own agent!!! He’s probably got you stuck in his pocket with some strangle contract and he is the one who decides who you work for and what you make.

Now he is saying this nonsense. The fans hate you now because of this, and no club in its right mind is going to hire a player who accuse the board of being slavetraders and the fans of being nazi’s. This will end your carreer in Europe.

But you were stupid enough to go into bussines with a man like Wagner, and now you get what you deserve.

The torn of the football world.

Comentário por nevermind

Afonso, if Heerenveen didn’t buy you, you would still be playing in sweden, for less money than u are getting now.

Be more patient and u will get the club u deserve, and heerenveen will get the transfer price they deserve. U should be grateful for Heerenveen!!

U still have a lot to learn my friend !

Comentário por Marco

gewoon niet meer spelen, krijg je nooit je droomcontract! En directie H’veen, stop met betalen van zijn salaris!

Comentário por rob


After playing such a great season at Heerenveen, you should be glad that they got you out of Sweden. And this is what the club gets? This is a true disgrace! And that man who calls himself a journalist, should end his profession at this very moment! How dare you calling Heerenveen fans nazi’s, and a €400.000 contract for 5 years is slavery?! I suggest you go to the slumbs of Rio de Janeiro, and explain them how terrible it is to earn €400.000 a year! I’m curious on their reaction to somebody who thinks that earning that kind of money, is slavery.

Good luck in your further carreer… But for the love of God, get yourselves som new agents.

Comentário por Utrecht-based Dutchman

Hello Afonso Alves, I don’t know if you realy read this message but I would like to say. Play this competition like you played last year. More clubs (maybe bigger than at the moment) will be interested in you.
But after that all… I don’t think you are a footbalplayer that plays only for the money. I think you also play for your fun. I think your agents are saying a lot because they want money. And indeed… It’s nice to have a lot of money, but it’s not the main thing to start a carrier as a footballplayer. You earn more then most of the people with a normal job. To compare is with slavery… well that’s not right I guess.
But when you say that some people call you names… that’s not right. Defently not! But I hope you know that these people are just a little group that have lost there mind. The Heerenveen fans like to see you play before the club. Not only because of the goals, but also for the way you are. I have read your reasons for not showing up at the gala. You said that not only one man scores, but the whole team. The thought of that is very good. you’re not a player that is selvise. I think the people (agents) are only there for the money. Heerenveen likes to keep you for another 6 months of a whole competition. They need you. But one year ago, you need sc Heerenveen as well, and they where there. Thanks to Heerenveen you’re now famous.
I would like to say. Stay another competion at sc Heerenveen. You will get a good name and more bigger clubs will be interested in you. And above all.. play for the fun of the game, and not for the money like a lot of other soccerplayers.

I hope to see you play soon!

Comentário por Marco


It is a joke……..isn’t it?!

Comentário por WJ

Doe is normaal joh mongool !!

Comentário por Roobbin

Met het iq van een pinda zou de verwijzing naar een aap alleen maar kunnen gaan over de zaakwaarnemers van afonso en die lijkt volkomen gerechtvaardigt getuige de waanzin die in de verklaring van augusto staan.

Nooit meer opstellen die alves, geld speelt nu helemaal geen rol meer, aanpakken die opvreters.
En wat AZ betreft die zeepbel spat straks vanzelf wel uit elkaar…..

Comentário por schaap in schaapskleren

Wagner Augusto Álvares there’s something broken in your head.

Comentário por MrJones

“Jornalista” Wagner, have you no shame?
Stop abusing Afonso just to for your personal gain. And YOU dare talk about slavery…the irony!

Is greed your only need, whatever abuse it takes?

Comentário por Alex

Outrageous how an agent gets the head of a player crazy. Fifa has to does something to these iligale practices!! Afonso be a man and serve the club where you have a contract. If You are no loser…Oyher clubs wil see this and wil be very carefull to take you under contract. Get rid of your agents and get a good one

Comentário por EINDHOVÛH

Monkey head is the right name for the agents of Mr. Alves. What a bunch of idiots, they don’t know the meaning of slavery and nazi’s. They only are interested in money and for that they offend the fans of Heerenveen in a horrible way.

I hope the FIFA will severly punish them.

Comentário por Mr. Bakfiets

Mr. Alves,

Your not showing up to the Gala to receive the best-player-of-the-year award was an insult to not only Heerenveen but also an insult to Dutch football on the whole. I loved to see you play last season and I thought that you would be very thankful to be playing in Holland for it was here that you grew to be a big star and even managed to be selected for the nation team of Brazil. However, you do not seem to be aware of this fact and prefer to disrespect Heerenveen, and Holland on the whole, only because they would not let you go easily. And how dare you to include serious and painful historical events like slavery and the second world war? Added to this, since you seem to think that Brazil is so much better when it comes to football and especially football management, why didn’t you stay there to become a football star? I rest my case.

Comentário por Jasper Dutchfootballfan

Mejor Afonso

Usted no muestra para reaccionar absolutamente clase por a esta manera. Normalmente otra vez jugará al fútbol por SCHeerenveen, le puso luce-adorar y profesional en. Usted aparece bien un pequeño niño, una pequeña chica. Tuve el respeto para usted, pero sus acciones cambiaron mis pensamientos sobre usted. Usted es un animal, un pequeño niño lastimoso. ¡Un aficionado, el casamiento oye!

El regreso, y muestra usted fue la naturaleza. Entonces ritmo es usted el fútbol de profesor digno y le puede un bueno internacional llega a ser para Brasil.

Golpee Haodi

Comentário por Golpee Haodi

Don`t worry afonso , STAY happy!!

Comentário por Javier

Ga eens voetballen joh, luie donder!

Comentário por lucassio

Please go look for some medical help man you are sick, slave driving don’t make me laugh.
This soap is even better then As the World Turns.
You almost make me cry.
Never been to south europe he?
Never heard of the ULTRA SUR?
Now that is nazism man!
But that doesn’t matter for you, because there is the money.

You shouldn,t be playing soccer
YOU SHOULD BE AN ACTOR IN A SOAP! you have the IQ for it.

Comentário por CRYINGALVES

shoot your agent alfonso!

I hope you never play in a stadium again.

supporter from FC Utrecht.

Comentário por erik

Incredibly disgusting,comparing slavery to a soccer-player with a million dollar-contract,besides the fact that you shockingly compare millions of lives being destroyed by slavery to a wealthy soccer-players current situation, maybe you should look into the facts on poverty in brasil, he could have done a lot worse.I don’t want to spend too many words on this topic, but who-ever is responsible for this nasty piece of writing, should look into its own money-absorbed mind and do some hard thinking.

Comentário por Joost Peeters

Jeezie zeg, alfonso.
Je bent wel een huilebalkie zeg!
Als je met dit gedrag buieen topclub komt, kun je het wel vergeten. Zing het tot de kerst uit bij Heerenveen, en vertrek daarna maar naar een topclub.

Comentário por rui barros

Ronaldo and Romario stayed loyal to their club (PSV).. guess you aint one of them.
You a slave? Are you having it that bad Afonso? Puerta died..and you are saying that you are having a terrible life? Its time to wake up.

Comentário por voetbaltube

Afonso heeft gelijk. Jullie kankerfriezen moeten blij zijn dat jullie ooit zo’n goede speler hebben gehad. Hij is wel 1000x beter dan die hoere abe lenstra. Viva Afonso!!! Voce vai ganhar uma transferência grande para um clube mais melhor de que heerenveen. Abracos e muito forca.

Comentário por Friezenhater

Ei gente…eu sou holandês, torcedor do ADO Den Haag e eu querria confirmar aquí que no primeiro jogo que ele jogasse com AZ ou outro time em nosso estadio ele vai ter uma noite muito quente.
O qué está pensando esse filho de uma kinga sobre nós? Cad’è o rispeito desse bichão feio sem cerebro. ‘Scravidão…’regime nazista’.
Ele deve se ver-gon-har disso. Alves, você è absolutamente um imbecil sem o minimo cerebro.
Até um favelado (eu estou casado com carioca e morei no morró dois anos tb sendo holandês) tem mais rispeito que você. Vai tomar banho cara.. você tem que sair da Holanda, logo… imbecil…

Comentário por Ciccio

Wat heb ik geschreven, dat meneer zich kapot moet schamen, het is een hoerenzoon en als die ooit één stap zet in het Forepark kanker ik een fles op zijn KKharses. Wat een bloedhond en een engnek zeg. ‘Slavernij’ en ‘nazistisch regime’.
Een goeie voetballer zonder enig respect en hersens, en dat heb ik in vloeiend Portugees heel duidelijk gemaakt ook. KKmaaghond. Een paar bloedschoppen moet die krijgen

Comentário por Ciccio

The man who wrote that piece of propaganda is insane. Slavery, Nazisme… very sad to read that kind of things. Things written by a frustrated person. I hope you know with what kind of persons your are working with Alves!



Comentário por dani

Hoerenveen Sucks, Afonso rules

Comentário por Tubbie

Dear mr. Alves,

Let’s start by saying that I would gladly sign any “slave-contract” that would make me earn 400.000 euros a year. Most people can only dream of such a salary.

Second: you signed a contract. You weren’t forced to, you did it fully aware of the contents. You accept the yearly payment of 400.000, then also accept the other terms and don’t whine like a little girl. Heerenveen is the most decent club in The Netherlands, they just want to keep you to the contract you yourslef signed last year. They have every right to do so.

Heerenveen believed in you, paid the largest amount of transfer-money they ever had and gave you the opportunity to become the goalscorer you became last year. You owe them big time. Insulting Heerenveen and their fans in the media and not showing up for training…..My opinion? Outrageous. Or are you also refusing your salary at the moment?

Comentário por Guy

How sick are you?! Talking about slavery and nazi’s! You disgust me! There’s no need even to tell you why, every sane person will see that what you write is scandalous! And you’re definitely not sane, you’ve proven that!
Shame on you!

Comentário por Nico

Alves wanneer kom je weer in Drachten voor een pilsje.

Comentário por b83ureterp

@ Wagner

Please contact me, so we can have a discussion about nazi’s and Heerenveen. It does not make sense what you are saing.

In the Netherlands over 3000000 people died through the nazi’s

So please becarefull with your words in te future.

Comentário por b83ureterp

Dear Alfonso,

Please don’t listen anymore to this nonsens!
If somebody called you names, than it is because of all the rumors and talking about you.
The only man that can undo those rumors and shit, is not the media… not the sportspeople on the sporttelevision programme that seems to knows everything about you (they say)…that is not MR. ”Maffioso” Wagner, who see’s you as his million dollar ticket to heaven and brainwashed you…..but YOU!! You can undo all this shit!
Make a statement by showing yourself to your fans, who love and cherish you!

But please, let Mr. Wagner (sounds German) shut up!! I would’nt be suprised if his father or grandfather is a former nazi, escaped from germany during the liberation of Europe!!
He doesn’t know what he is talking about..

Please come back, my son’s(3 & 5 years)love’s you, Alfonso, and give’s you a big hug from Heerenveen.
Come back and shine on your footballfield as a star that you are and let your fans adore you!!

Greetings from Heerenveen

Comentário por Patricia

Dear mr Alfonso Alves,

Its is very sad to see and notice how you behave,
youa are a disgrace for your country and your father.

SC Heerenveen took you from a not very well known Swedish club and gave you all the possibilities to become one of the worlds best forwards. Your skills are incerdible and diserve all respect.

It is absolutely understandable that a club like Heerenveen wants to keep you. The supporters are no nazis as you call them. Most of them are hard working average educated men, who just love the game and the provindce of Friesland.

They may expect something in return from you. I believe it bad for your career to act like the way you do know. What can a next club expect from you ? Will you act the same way ?

Maybe it is not true, but it looks like you dollar signs in your eyes, whilst you should have grass, soccer and sport in your mind.

Do not shit in your own nest. Start playing and the top clubs will be there for you in line. You’re time will come.

I hope you live happily in Golfstaete in Heerenveen and wish you wishdom. Take good care of your beautifull Swedish woman.

Thanks anyway,


Comentário por GJ Jubbega

Ei estupido. Nos mande um recado, a um de nós valeu? Esse filho de puta de Alves está inventando coisas para sair, não è isso?
Se houver alguém chamendo ele de macaquinho…o colega ou a pessoa dizendo isso pode ser perseguido por a justiça aquí. Alves se fez impossivel agora. Como outro aquí disse, morreram 300.000 pessoas aquí por os nazis, quém è esse retardado e quem è voce de comparar esta situação com um regime ‘nazista’. Imbecil.
Volte para escola cara…cuántos anos vc tem?
14? 12? Me mande um email, ou melhor, cuando eu estar no Brasil me ligue que eu quebro sua cara nojento. E sobre o escravidão…esse retardado não botou assinatura de um contrato de pelo menos 4 anos? Sabe cuantas pessoas no Brasil estão sonhando do salario mensual para a vida inteira desse filho da puta Alves. Ele nunca mais tem que entrar na Holanda. Torcedores de outros times (eu sou um deles) querem quebrar a cara dele.
Holanda país do escravidão. Regime nazista…vai para um psicologo com ele retardado…!

Comentário por Ciccio

O yeah,

Kick your manager like you can hit a ball. They only profit from you. I thought you were a smart guy, but you act like a baby.

Comentário por GJ Jubbega

Esperança você encontra um clube Alfonso que lhe pague um miljom um o ano, você merece-o!

Comentário por Foppe

Ondankbare hond. Vorig jaar speelde je nog voor wat knackebrot. Je moet je diep schamen.

Je contract heb je met je volle verstand zelf ondertekend.

De enige die hier geen respect voor anderen opbrengt ben JIJ.

Een Vitesse-fan

Comentário por Ad Pop

Hope these words don’t come from your mouth Alves..
That would really dissapoint me, whatever Heereveen has done to keep you in Friesland.
Why putting the word “nazistisch” in the text ?
Do you know that we have a lot of bad memories of the nazi’s ? I’m supporter of PSV Eindhoven..
But if you where a player of PSV and i would find out that you’re behind every line in the text i don’t ever want to see or hear from you again.
Slavery was horrific, nazism as well.
I understand that you’re upset but you crossed the line.. Such a shame for such a nice soccer-player

Comentário por TechnoBastard

you already earn more in 32 days than i do in a year. You call yourself a slave ? You call us nazi’s ? How stupid can you be ? You dont know nothing about living as a slave or the 2th worldwar.

Did you get your visum in Amsterdam ?

SC Heerenveen gave you all you needed, incluiding tickets for your family. The Netherlands wanted to honor you, but you were to bussy with yourself to show up. El Stupido major !

I hope your wife leaves you for a soccerplayer with less money.



Comentário por pedro di flixa

Porra seu Alves, que isso?
Vc não sabe nada de technicue de falar en publico não?
Que vergonha!
Estou muito furioso. Espero que vc vai ao um outro pais muito rapido!


Comentário por jeroen

I think this artilcle says more about the person Afonso Alves than the Dutch team Heerenveen.

Over one year ago he was happy signing a good contract. Thanks to the club and the team he became a somebody, where he still was a complete nobody.

Now this mister thinks he’s a star and Heerenveen is too small for him. How pathetic!

This is the perfect example of how money can ruin a person, his character and the people around him.

The words “slavery” and “nazi” only prove that he has made his career with his feet, not with his brains…

If I were in the board of Heerenveen I would fine him at least a one month’s salary, with huge fines for every time he misses one more practice or match. I would also send him to the Westerbork museum so he can find out was he was really talking about. It’s time this little boy (at least mentally) finds out what the real world is about.

Sad to know that this behaviour will not really attract potentially interested clubs. So he’s really just ruining his career himself right now. But I do not think anybody in the Netherlands feel sorry for him anymore.

Comentário por Marco

Alves meu filho

como era sua vida antes de vir se escravo na Holanda e ganhar 400 mil euros por mes>

com certza veio de uma familia humilde…

talvez nem grana pra treinar tinha

Deus te deu a chance de brilhar fora do Brasil

onde muitos sonham em sair de la ate que seja pra limpar a privada publica na Europa?

Como pode uma pessoa tr a chance que voce tem e dizer que aqui o sistema è nazista…Eu aqui ganho 800 euros por mes e todos os dias agradeço a aDeus por isso Por ter a chance de estar num pais onde os direitos sao iguais .

Amo o Brasil mas ca entre nois que adianta ser livre ja que vc diz que eh prisioneiro entao que adianta ser livre num pais divertido onde metade da populacao vive em condicoes financeiras desfavoraveis

Credo amigo nao envergonhe seus conterraneos que estao la muitas vezes ganhando menos que 100 euros por mes pra sustentar uma familia inteira.
cuidado o dia de amanha nunca se sabe.

Comentário por Patricia Alves Barboza

Afonso, I thought you are a great player. But no….. I can’t believe you are talking about slavery with your salary. I now hope Heerenveen will fire you for not doing your very well paid job. I don’t think your are good enough for AZ, PSV or Ajax. Further I hope you will never find another club again the next months. Unbelievable what you are doing.

Comentário por Holanda

shame you co home

Comentário por Aad

we thought that you were playing football with youre hart, we loved youre goals and playing football, now we see youre unrespectufull to houre club sc heerenveen and all youre fans, its a said thing..
I wish you more vision with a footballhart.
And maby, maby we will sing youre name again, becorse you shout not forgett that the team maked it happend, not you allown.lets make it happend agian.

a heerenveen supporter with a footballhart.

Comentário por ulta nord

Slavery, Nazis??? You are sick an pathetic, you monkey boy!!

Comentário por Tanya Itkien

Menino do macaco!!

Comentário por Tanya Itkien

Afonso, you are sick !

Comentário por Gert

Lik toch even lekker mijn reet man, raar braziliaans ventje. Ik hoop dat ze je nooit laten gaan en dat je de komende tien jaar geen nieuwe club meer vind. Terug naar de straat, want je hebt totaal geen respect en bent vergeten waar je vandaag komt.

Comentário por Pim

Filhos da canalha!!!
Somente uma grã desculpa publicada no jornal maior da Holanda pode salvar parte da reputação de você Wagner (filho de ex-nazista?…você tem um nome suspeitavel filho de puta) e do Alves.

Uma desculpa não somente aos torcedores de Heerenveen não cara. Estou falando aquí de uma desculpa geral, aos outros torcedores, e ao povo holandês no geral.
Você não vale nem um centavo, igual as pessoas que concordam com o jeito de fazer de vocês dois.

Aliás… o Juiz nunca falha… tome cuidado.

Nemhum clube na Holanda pode contratar Alves, por ele simplesmente virou um ‘gringo’ agora que vai ter muitos problemas visitando outros estadios.
Ele vai precisar de um escorte de 100 policiais cada jogo agora porque cada holandês normal vomita acima dele…e de você também Wagner filho de um nazista fugido

Comentário por O Juiz Que Não Falha

They are calling you names? You little cry baby. Tell it to mommie

Comentário por Jaap

deze meneer kan geen enkel woord engels zo knap is de slaaf uit brazildus alle tekste zijn verdoemd naar de prullebak

Comentário por riemer

Mr. Alves,

This message is no more then a explanation of your weakness. Be proud to be a part of football club Heerenveen and shut up your f*cking mouth, your dickhead!

I hope that you will never play for the national team of Brasil again.



Comentário por Mark



Comentário por Guilher,e Wolf


I hope that Heerenveen keeps you on contract until it ends but WITHOUT playing machtes. Then they really make a statement and you can’t complain about slavery anymore because you get your cash without working.

Go Heerenveen keep up to good work and don’t let him go.

Barry (Ajacied)

Comentário por Barry

Jongens, trap er nou niet in. Dit zijn niet de woorden van Alves, maar van die zaakwaarnemertjes met dollartekens.

Guys, these aren’t alves’ words, but words from this Augusto kid, with dollarsigns.

Comentário por D.F.

You’re such an ass. Slavery is a very serious thing. I can tell slaves didn’t have the chance to sign a good contract with their full mind.

Comentário por gregergre

Você senhor Wagner Augusto Álvares de Freitas ,apenas dentre ele dinheiro dinheiro dinheiro dinheiro dinheiro…..

AZ Fan.

Comentário por Justin

@ :: Comentário por Guilher,e Wolf @ 6:56 pm

Vai se foder!

Comentário por Tanya Itkien

Your agent Wagner Augusto Alvares de Freitas is a slave driver who wants to make money by selling you. He is angry because HE is now not getting any money from a transfer deal.

And it is likely Wagner himself wrote those fake ‘nazi’ comments to discredit Heerenveen. I read somewhere Wagner himself is a son of a former Nazi.

Contract = contract

Comentário por Marcel

Alves, stop crying about your situation in Heerenveen, it’s a done deal. Finish your season with the club which you pay and show respect for the supporters of this club. I enjoyed your goals last season, but not showing for trainins and matches is the lowest thing you can do; it’s very immature!! Grow up and don’t mind the big bucks; if you play another season like last one, it will all work out for for you in the future!

Comentário por AH III

Mr. Alves,
you have any idea how long it takes for an average constructor to make 400.000 ??
you should know better than to call H’veen slave drivers!!
hard working labour here at the Netherlands pays just a 0.5% (of your 400.000 euro’s)a year of what you get by (not) doing what you get paid for.
this makes me sick! think before you act.

Comentário por moi

Reality is hard Afonso. Thanks to Heerenveen and your team mates you did well last year. Became topscorer, won the golden shoe.

But look for another agent with heart for you and not a heart for the money. Get rid of that Freitas. He is also a loser.
If you are playing well this year, get another topscorer, the clubs will line up for you. And both parties will profit from it.

If Heerenveen didn’t bought you from Malmo, you still were a hidden one in the North.
Take a example from your other Brazil players in Holland. They didn’t complain after one season. They waited and waited for 2 or more years to get their dreamtransfer.
Only a monkey thinks like you, because they don’t know what reality is. And if you are now called a monkey, you did it for yourself. You can only blaim your self, because of your aiditude.

Comentário por Papa63

He fucking wagner go to hell.

Comentário por cambuur

Hello Alves,

If this is the way you think you are handeling, i dont want you at my club.

An Ajax fan

Comentário por Ajax fan

Grote geldwolf, fuck you…..

Comentário por Mike

Querido Afonso, tengo mucho verguenza en cuanto el contenido de los reacciones a su declaracion. Da cuenta que es solamente una minoridad de gente Olandesa. En Alkmaar te esperamos este invierno y con tu ninguna persona puede parar AZ, el Club de la Futura!

Comentário por Janos Hanek

Dear Alfonso, I am very much ashamed with the contents of the reaction as to your declaration.
Please bear in mind it is only a minority of the Dutch who act in this way.(we call them hooligans)
We hope to see see you in Alkmaar this winter because with you nobody is going to stop AZ,
the Club of the future

Comentário por Janos Hanek

Alves do you see in your site? People(from Ajax,Psv,Feyenoord) are saying d’ont play for AZ! Why do you think?? They are AFRAID of US! They are sweating! We have the best coach of the world(Verbeek was a coach of a 2.ligue team in Holland whahaaha). Make us powerfull Afonso so that or competitors are going to cry!!

Comentário por Kareltje

Without Heerenveen knowbody would have ever heard of Alves. So shut the fuck up, poor litte bitch. YOU SUCK!!!

Comentário por Japie

pathetic guy, you earn so much money what many people would never earn in one year.
It´s disgusting.
I hope you´ll get your transfer and fail at your next club.
Go and fill your pockets in Quatar or wherever you can earn more money then here.
We don´t want you in the Netherlands anymore

Comentário por Chezke

Mister Augusto,

Surprise from Heerenveen……..the prize for this winter has gone up to 25 million.
Good luck trying to sell him now.

Comentário por Jannic


beak a leg and never come back in Holland.
You signed the contract at Heereveen. So don’t complain then. If you didn’t wanted a contract for more years. Don’t sign it then.
But no you did it for the money and now your complaining about your contract…

piss of… stay were you are.

grtz. from Holland

Comentário por G.Krist

I think it’s great to move to AZ, Barca has the Fantastic Four(Ronaldinho,Messi,Eto o,Henry) but AZ has the Fantastic Five or the Magic Five(Dembele,Ariclenes da Silva Ferreira,Pelle,El Hamdaoui and Alves!!!!!!!!!). Maybe RKC can rent Pelle because the attacking-line of AZ is toooo strong for the Dutch league.

Comentário por RKC-Lover

What a loser that Alves! You must play for the money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comentário por BS

Hombre patético, tu ganas tanto dinero lo que muchas personas nunca ganarían en 1 año. Esta repugna.
le espero que tu consigue su transferencia y falla en su próximo club.
Vaya a Quatar o dondequiera tu puedes ganar más dinero entonces aquí.
No deseamos tu en el paises bajos en ningún caso

Se largas desde nosotros país!!!

Comentário por Chezke

Hombre patético, tu ganas tanto dinero lo que muchas personas nunca ganarían en 1 año. Esta repugna.
le espero que tu consigue su transferencia y falla en su próximo club.
Vaya a Quatar o dondequiera tu puedes ganar más dinero entonces aquí.
No deseamos tu en el paises bajos en ningún caso

Se largas desde nosotros país!!!

Comentário por Chezke

You were a grown up man at the time you signed the contract. A deal is a deal…

It’s disgusting that ‘supporters’ call you a monkey. I wish you patience and wisdom. Say hi to your mum!

Comentário por Pim

Beste heer Afonso!
Ga toch snel voetballen jonge…
Je bent helemaal verkeerd bezig.
Ik hoop dat de FIFA je zal straffen voor werkweigering. Volgend jaar ben je geen cent meer waard.

Comentário por SkieteWilly

We are slavedrivers according to you here in Holland.
All Brazilians are lazy cocksuckers who don’t want to work for their money.
When things are not going as they want they cry for their mama… hahaha!

Comentário por Hey Caras de Buçeta

Work for your money!!!
You signed this contract yourself!!!
So give 100% for Heerenveen and stop complaining

Comentário por Edward

Dear afonso,

hold on man, just refuse to play, youll get your transfer. No organisation runs on unmotivated people. Normally they’ve nothing to say, but in this case (soccer) its different.

good luck

Comentário por solo

How dare you compare Heerenveen-fans with nazi’s!! Don’t you know anything about our history you fool. And comparing Afonso with a slave might even be a bigger disgrease. Afonso get rid of this incredible idiot!!

Comentário por Joost

Isso é simples faça uma denuncia formal a fifa e abandoen o clube, lugar pra vc jogar nõa vai faltar!

Comentário por victor


seja mais humilde e paciente. Nada no mundo se resolve da noite para o dia. Jogadores tão bons ou melhores do que você sumiram da noite para o dia por terem se transferido para campeonatos mais competitivos antes de estarem melhor preparados psicologicamente. Você tem todo o tempo do mundo para se encher de dinheiro. Vá com calma, porque no dia em que estiver mal, terá saudades de hoje.

Comentário por Gustavo

It seems only money matters for Alves…

Well, at this moment he isn’t worth a penny !

Comentário por Scheringa

Last year: very big fan of Alfonso.
Last month: very, very disappointed in Alfonso’s (and of the people around him) behavior. Your behavior is giving you a very bad reputation. (and I am not even a suporter of SC Heerenveen, the team you are letting down at this moment). Comparing Alfonso with a slave and Heerenveen with a nazi regime is out of all proportions! In contrast, Alfonso does not respect his contract/employer; that is something that should be questioned.

Comentário por Klaas

Dear mr. Alves, if you read this: kick your press-agent out, play for the Brasilian squad, score 20 times for Heerenveen until December and then the club will sell probably sell you. Please take everybody’s advice and drop those voltures that prey on your money! And comparing the most decent club from Holland with nazi’s is outrageous. Choose the right way while you still can!!! Good luck in making the right decision, hope to see you on the field again soon.

Regards, Robbie

Comentário por Robbie

As Ajax fan I truelly do hope, that you never will be playing for us. If you do so, I will give back my seasonticket and never go back to the stadium as long as you are playing for us.
What a bad attitude you are showing. You speak of slavery. Well my boy. I worked several years in Africa. I saw poorness and slavery. And I tell you a lot of them earn in 50 years as much as you do in a week!! Even in your home country Brasil they know what poorness is.
And spoking about nazi’s; what a hell of a disgrace you have for all the Dutch. Do you not know what they did during WorldWar II? Are you really that stupid and silly. I don’t think so, but your pressagent is absolutely an Idiot Savant.

Comentário por Geraldo

Afonso, this commentary makes abosolutely no sense at all!! You earn enough money and signed the contract at Heerenveen. When they do not want to let you go, deal with it! Just play another season like you did last year and your transfer will come. There are many people who do not have the opportunities you had and will have. So please do not act like we have to feel sorry for you. Everybody has to deal with setbacks and I know a whole bunch of people who have done it better than you are.

Comentário por Rhiono

Olá caro Afonso…! Vergonhosa e revoltante a manifestação e a opinião dos torcedores de seu clube a seu respeito. A pergunta que faço e que gostaria que fosse publicada é a seguinte: SERÁ QUE AS MULHERES DOS TORCEDORES DO SEU CLUBE QUE TE CHAMAM DE MACAQUINHO TÊM A MESMA OPINIÃO A SEU RESPEITO ??? ELAS COM A PALAVRA… Um abraço e continue metendo seus gols… Wagner

Comentário por Wagner

Afonso, I dont know a person more egoistic than you at the moment. You signed a contract with Heerenveen. You get paid more than we will ever get paid. You’re talking about slavery. Well for 300.000 Euro’s I want to be slave, no problem. You loose sight on what is really important. I dont know if you know Jesus but he will be wondering what you are doing. I will pray to Jesus that you career will end very soon, as you don’t deserve the position you have now. Pls dont come

Comentário por John

Afonso, I dont know a person more egoistic than you at the moment. You signed a contract with Heerenveen. You get paid more than we will ever get paid. You’re talking about slavery. Well for 300.000 Euro’s I want to be slave, no problem. You loose sight on what is really important. I dont know if you know Jesus but he will be wondering what you are doing. I will pray to Jesus that you career will end very soon, as you don’t deserve the position you have now. Pls dont come back to Holland

Comentário por John

Don´t doubt about your choice. You´ve taken the right decision. In just 1 year you showed the world that you´re more than a heereveen-player. You have more vallue as a football-player than heerenveen can (and will!) pay.
The frisians have always been calvinistic people.
Who is counting money here? Year right, the slavery supporting frisians. Stay in Brazil, fifa will take care of this. Stay strong brother!

Comentário por Truth

Nieuw Noord vreet je op vriend

Comentário por SJOERD DR88


Think about yourself. Az can’t even pay the transer. do you think they can pay your salary?

It was the worst club you can choose at. Be glad Heereveen saved your life!.

Comentário por Dutchfan

Heerenveen distantieert zich van uitlatingen op weblog Alves

Heerenveen heeft kennis genomen van de uitlatingen op de weblog van Afonso Alves. De club heeft gegronde redenen om aan te nemen dat deze uitlatingen niet van Alves persoonlijk afkomstig zijn. Heerenveen neemt afstand van de tekst op de weblog en zal daar gezien de aard er van geen verdere aandacht aan besteden.

De club roept haar supporters op hier op een Heerenveen-waardige wijze mee om te gaan en het voorbeeld van de club te volgen.

Comentário por Dutchfan

You must shame for your stupid reaction’s!!! The hole team was behind you at the tv program “voetballer van het jaar” on the dutch tv. They have had orginized a suprise for you: they have payd tickets for your family to vised this tv program. You must shame i must work a lot for you salary every month!!! it’s a bloody shame the club payed you and you do nothing for you money. FUCK OFF and we want you leave out country it’s you’re fould not our fould! you must thinking about your wrong moves… FC Heerenveen has not make a fould you have make many foulds! so? work for your money!

Comentário por fffff

Wagner Augusto Jornalista NAO TEM MORAL NO BRASIL;

Comentário por jubes gaal

Afonso tem que tomar umas porradas para aprender a respeitar os torcedores do Heerenveen.

Comentário por jubes gaal


Comentário por jubes gaal



Comentário por jubes gaal

Afonso; Voce ganhava 3 mil dolares p/m. no Malmo.Que mais o que?
Nao joga bosta nenhuma…

Comentário por henk


Comentário por henk

Afonso recorre a fifa.Isso e racismo ainda mais ai nesta merda de cidadezinha de merda heereveen.Leva este pessoal ai no pau e manda eles todos se fuderem.Final do ano vai paz o AZ e manda eles se fuderem.Macacos sao eles todos iguais.brancos e bobos.Jogador do seu tipo,nunca mais passar por ai en heereveen….fui

Comentário por andreas andersson


Comentário por henk


Comentário por andreas andersson

Quando sair na rua voce vai sentir o que os torcedores do heerenveen vao fazer com filho da puta que e voce.

Comentário por henk

I really don’t know what to say.. everything I read really makes me sick. How dare you? How can you? Which civilized person refers to these historical events in an inappropriate way like you do??

Furthermore, I think Lex ( @ 11:47 am) has said it all.

I hope you won’t play the match against FC Groningen in our stadium (Groningen) anymore, please stay home.


Comentário por Maarten


Comentário por joop


you have a serious mental problem. Surely you scored many goals last year and surely you can become a great soccer player. But this direction you choose to go now…..let’s just say you’re gonna blow all you future chances. No club will ever want an arrogant person like you on their team! No Milan, Madrid nor ManU!!! Too bad to see you sink like this.
In potential you were the best, but mentally you just don’t have what it takes! Go home to Brasil and seek professional help!

Comentário por lars

Tiburcio e Caio Ziller Quando aparecer en heerenveen vai tomar porrada.

Comentário por joop

slavery??? you signed the contract, you big pussy!!
You are a discrase to heerenveen, the fans, your country and football!!
Through Heerenveen you have played in your national team, the very best of the world!! If you just play and score that transfer to a big club will come. patience! inseasd you are blowing it all now! you’ll be remembered as that player that could have been……

Comentário por lars

Afonso;Serie Z? Voce no Brasil nunca jogou , so veio jogar na serie Z na Europa (Suecia).

Comentário por jaap

You signed the contract so don’t wine afterwards, you needed Heereveen when you signed… loyalty is worth more than money alone.

Go play football and quit moking!!

Comentário por OmeJoop

força Afonso !!!
passe por cima das coisas e dos coisas ruins !!!
do corinthiano :
Arthur Miguel

Comentário por arthur miguel

Thanks Mr. Wagner for showing your true colors, you’re probably gonna get sued for this, no-one is gonna take you serious anymore. Slander is not acceptable in Holland and Brasil. Speaking of slavery… you know you are a slave driver acting like this? Get a real job and leave Afonso Alves alone!

Comentário por Football-fan

Alfonso,come to vv Harlingen.We have no slavery.You can signe a contract.We respect all human rights.If that’s what you want,be welcome.

A great fan.

Comentário por Jan

Poor Afonso… From a rich country as Brasil, where the social and political system is at its best, to a poor country as the Netherlands. And for what reason? To be playing soccer, wich is absolutely the worst possible thing to do, for a lousy payment of 400.000 euros a year. Poor poor Afonso… You are right, you definitely are being a slave. A slave of your own corrupted mind, a slave of your money hungry soul and most of all a slave of two masters. Only, this two masters do not work for SC Heerenveen, they are your managers. It’s not Heerenveen that is ruinig your career Afonso, it is your management and those pathetic voices in your head that do.

Next time you bring up comparisons to slavery (and I pray to God that is when you have hit rock bottom, because not a single club in the world will house a prat like you) think about death squads in Brasil, or little Chinese kids sewing your precious soccer shirt and shoes, or think about the prostitutes in Holland you have been visiting so many in your first months in this strange and hatefull country where (mark your own words, not mine) nobody has ever loved you.

Dear mister Afonso, I really feel sorry for you, but it is not because you have been treated badly by your club or their fans. It is because you have shown the world what kind of sick persons you and your managers really are and it is obvious that your statement will backfire on you..!

I wish that you will never find yourself a club again anymore and end up in a Brazilian ghetto knitting up the ones so important soccer balls for a minimum wage of three cents a week with the other REAL slaves, so that you spend the last of your days thinking back about that good old “nazi regime” you had to suffer from in the best of your days.

As for your management: I hope to find them under a bridge with needles stuck up in their arms one day. If I do I will definitely stop to take a piss into their rotten faces.

an AJAX fan

Comentário por Tsssssss

Você é um babaca e mercenário. Concordo com todos os holandeses que te xingaram.

You’re an idiot and mercenary. I agree with all the Dutchmen that swore at you.

Comentário por Brasileiro Boleiro

Afonso Pobre… De um país rico como Brasil, onde o sistema social e político esteja no seu mais melhor, a um país pobre como os Países Baixos. E para que razão? Para jogar o soccer, o wich é absolutamente a coisa possível a mais má a fazer, para um pagamento lousy de 400.000 euros um o ano. Afonso pobre pobre… Você é direito, você definitivamente está sendo um escravo. Um escravo de sua própria mente corrupted, um escravo de sua alma com fome do dinheiro e sobretudo um escravo de dois mestres. Somente, este dois mestres não trabalham para SC Heerenveen, eles são seus gerentes. Não é Heerenveen que é ruinig sua carreira Afonso, ele é sua gerência e aquelas vozes pathetic em sua cabeça que .

Vez seguinte você trazemos acima comparações ao slavery (e eu pray ao deus que é quando você bateu o fundo da rocha, porque não um único clube no mundo abrigará um prat como você) pensamos sobre squads da morte em Brasil, ou os miúdos chineses pequenos que sewing suas camisa e sapatas preciosas do soccer, ou pense sobre os prostitutes em Holland que você tem visitado assim muitos em seus primeiros meses neste estranho e o país do hatefull onde (marque suas próprias palavras, não mina) ninguém tem o amou sempre.

Caro mister Afonso, eu sinto realmente pesaroso para você, mas não é porque você foi tratado mal por seu clube ou por seus ventiladores. É porque você tem mostrado o mundo que tipo de pessoas doentes você e seus gerentes são realmente e é óbvio que sua indicação dará contra-explosão em você.!

Eu desejo que você nunca se encontrará um clube outra vez anymore e se terminará acima em um ghetto brazilian que knitting acima de esses esferas assim importantes do soccer para um salário mínimo de três centavos um a semana com os outros escravos REAIS, de modo que você gaste o último de seus dias que pensa para trás sobre aquele “do regime nazi velho bom” você teve que sofrer do mais melhor de seus dias.

Quanto para a sua gerência: Eu espero encontrá-los sob uma ponte com as agulhas furadas acima em seus braços um dia. Se eu eu pararei definitivamente para fazer exame de um mijo em suas caras rotten.

um ventilador de AJAX

Comentário por Tsssssss

Who talks like this, isn’t worthy of our SC.
Slavery?? What happened to slaves who wouldn’t work for their owner??!! Whell, your still around aren’t you.. You’re no slave…
Proof your worthyness, play… score… and than leave.. I can’t understand your way of thinking..
Turn the switch like R v/d Vaart.
EARN your transfer…But don’t stay away, that harms everyone including yourself.
Come on… Greetz Robert

Comentário por rmeulenbelt

Slavery, Nazism? Are you out of you f***** mind? You’re a shame to football, a shame to Heerenveen, a shame to Brazil. Be ashamed of yourself mister Alves!

But after all I would be very pleased if you wil leave Heerenveen and go to AZ. Cause after all you will f*** up that club too and Mr.Dirk Scheringa gets what he deserves: SHIT! Cause that’s what you are Mr.Alves.

Comentário por PSV-fan

he stomme kutmongool vieze lepra wagner aap
not afonso is the monkey boy, his agents are!!!they are the biggest profiters of the whole f*cking world. so alves, get rid of them and come back and don’t listen do these assholes!!

Comentário por henk

You know it, I know it, we all know it,
You’re nothing but a monkey-boy!!!

Comentário por scH the best

@henk, hou het a.u.b. netjes…. We zijn hier geen cambuur mannen.

Comentário por Foppe

now it’s enough, go play football,

your mother,

Comentário por Mother

Dear Alfonso,

every word is too much in this case.
Your a big dissapointment for everybody how supported you in the last years.

Wagner you shouldn’t talk about things you don’t have any idea off. Slavery do you have any idea what that means??

Comentário por Monique

I think it’s a shame you don’t wanna play, but I do understand you don’t want to play for Heerenveen. No hard feelings.

Comentário por Foppe

Why are you all acting so pathetic? It is known that the dutch were the most helpful to the nazi’s during the world war. It seems you forgot all about Mussert (NSB party). The Netherlands was ruled by people who liked the nazi. Do i have to mention the NSB party again? Your grandparents were members of their party. When the americans came, you all acted like you did not like the germans. Ok, this have nothing todo with football, but stop acting like you are all that liberal, because friesland is very right-winged and the other parts of the country is also becoming right-winged. They could have made a 400% profit out of the transfer. If you are not able to chose where you work and people are trying to make more money out of you, i can assume that you may talk about slavery. I agree with Afonso and his spokesperson Augusto and I wish Afonso all the strenght to get trough this. Forca amigo.

Comentário por Fonseca

Você é um babaca mr. Wagner.

Comentário por Ronaldinho

You are an overrated idiot, with a money loving manager. I hope no single team in the whole wide world wants you anymore.
The amount of money you overrated suckers (or is it soccers) make is way too much. You should learn to work like most people do, 40 hours a week, and not a few hours a day….

Slavery is something completely different then working for the amount of money you loosers work for…..

It’s disgusting how you guys think !!

Comentário por pendejo

It is a shame what Alves is doing now. He signed a longterm contract. He has to fulfill this contract. It is up to Heerenveen to set the amount of which he can leave.

Comparison with slavery is totally out of order and a brutal offence to the real slaves of the past and the present.

If he does not do his job I hope he will be set on the bench for the rest of the 4 years he must serve his contract. Let it be a lesson to all money monstering footballplayers of the world.

Comentário por Kootje

Caro Sr. Wagner,

Você parece inconsciente de que os meios “nazistic” da palavra. Deixe-me explicar: Germany governado do nazi dos 1930’s adiantados até 1945. Ajustaram acima campos de concentração para matar tantos como jews, ciganos, gays, slavs como possíveis. Começaram também uma guerra (você pôde se ter ouvido dela, ele é chamado segunda guerra mundial).

Você também não sabe exatamente o que é a definição do slavery. Deixe-me explicar: os escravos foram transportados involuntarily de seu repouso-país às plantações toda sobre o mundo. Trabalharam duramente sem começar o pagamento. Viveram em huts primitivos. Seu proprietário poderia fazer com eles o que quer que quis. Chicoteie-os. Viole-os. (ou seja amável a eles, que aconteceram também.)

Há um número de livros disponíveis em ambos os assuntos.

Cumprimentos mornos,


Comentário por Lex

People, I understand all emotions (I also feel them), but don’t forget that this may not be the words of Alves. I have the feeling (we all have)that a very evil person is manipulating alves (or at least he tries us to perceive these are Alves’ words). Have a little patience, the truth will be revealed soon. In the meantime, don’t call Alves names.

Afonso; stay strong and hopefully we can watch you play socces in better times!

Comentário por Sanne

E onde estão os direitos humanos? Isso é uma atitude totalmente condenada, e que deve ser punida pela sociedade. E mostrar que todas a atitudes que denigrem a imagem de um ser humano devem ser punidas com rigor.
Meu blog:

Comentário por Natyvw

Dear mister that posted this:

Why are you all acting so pathetic? It is known that the dutch were the most helpful to the nazi’s during the world war. It seems you forgot all about Mussert (NSB party). The Netherlands was ruled by people who liked the nazi. Do i have to mention the NSB party again? Your grandparents were members of their party. When the americans came, you all acted like you did not like the germans. Ok, this have nothing todo with football, but stop acting like you are all that liberal, because friesland is very right-winged and the other parts of the country is also becoming right-winged. They could have made a 400% profit out of the transfer. If you are not able to chose where you work and people are trying to make more money out of you, i can assume that you may talk about slavery. I agree with Afonso and his spokesperson Augusto and I wish Afonso all the strenght to get trough this. Forca amigo.

Comentário por Fonseca @ 12:21 pm


Maybe I am the only one offended by this post, but still: I don’t know if you have any clue of what happened in Holland, but don’t call my family supporters of the NSB, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Also, for as for I know, there are very few people who are right-winged, all immigrants (when behaving normal) can easily walk on the streets. I hardly ever hear about something racistic, anyhow I’m not a racist. You are the one insulting other countries and their citizens.

Comentário por Martijn

I ask the writer of this text to please visit our forum for a nice discussion. Because I have a feeling you haven’t got a clue what your talking about.


Why are you all acting so pathetic? It is known that the dutch were the most helpful to the nazi’s during the world war. It seems you forgot all about Mussert (NSB party). The Netherlands was ruled by people who liked the nazi. Do i have to mention the NSB party again? Your grandparents were members of their party. When the americans came, you all acted like you did not like the germans. Ok, this have nothing todo with football, but stop acting like you are all that liberal, because friesland is very right-winged and the other parts of the country is also becoming right-winged. They could have made a 400% profit out of the transfer. If you are not able to chose where you work and people are trying to make more money out of you, i can assume that you may talk about slavery. I agree with Afonso and his spokesperson Augusto and I wish Afonso all the strenght to get trough this. Forca amigo.

Comentário por Fonseca @ 12:21 pm

Comentário por Fries

Today afonso was training with Heerenveen. So, nothing`s wrong and You did a good job Afonso. Welcome back with the best team from the North!!

Comentário por vrolijkverder

Terror op de velden. Alves is hartstikke gek joh. Mocht ie zn kop weer vertonen dan drinken we er ééntje extra op Nieuw Noord, reken maar dat het dan gaat stormen.


Comentário por SJOERD DR88

Fonseca, can you close your mouth please? You had so much shit in your mouth, it was a little bit muffled.

Comentário por D.F.

Ae Afonso, teu brilho é maior que isso cara… faz o teu e deixa esses caras de lado, vai pra seleção e da um show.
Boa Sorte e se não te quiserem mais por aí vem jogar no Avaí aqui de floripa!!!
Boa Sorte

Comentário por hatan

Ik vind dat het belachelijk is hoe alves behandeld word. Dit op deze site, is waarschijnlijk niet eens werkelijkheid. Het feit dat mensen zeggen “Optiefen” slaat ook nergens op. Afonso Alves kan dit lang niet allemaal zelf typen, zijn engels is verre van perfect.

wat is de reden? Zijn zaakwaarnemer hebben een zaak verloren. En die “jutten de boel op” en dat is zachtuitgedrukt. Alves gaan uitschelden, is onzin. Hij gedraagt zich ook niet zoals het moet natuurlijk maar hij doet het lang niet allemaal zelf. Ik lees nu ook veel over hem in het nieuws en de kranten maar je moet weten wat je leest. Wat de krant schrijft, is dat allemaal waar. Dat weet je ook niet. Alves zit fout maar enorm veel andere mensen ook. Hoop dat we hem weer zien bij Heerenveen en reken maar dat ik wel voor hem klap en zing.

Comentário por Marcel

Afonso esses Andres e PCs cuidado.Ah cuidado a pior especie é brasileiro frustrado que mora em nl,cuidado mesmo.E cuidado com o tibuço é pertubado e vive brigando com tudo mundo.

Comentário por pormms msooeri m

HEERENVEEN = Hell in Vein

Comentário por Guilher,e Wolf

GG Allin is a saint if compared with Hell In Vein FC

Comentário por Guilher,e Wolf

Wagner Augusto Álvares de Freitas = Golddigger

Get a Life!

Comentário por Klaas

never go 2 grunn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comentário por gans

how silly for you that the whole world is talking bad about yoe afonso.C’mon come back speak for yourself and take a better manager than that bastard Augusto. sc heerenveen made u a big player,like they always do with foreign honaust,and come back ,play untill the winter,and ur dream will come true.It’s not only the money that counts!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comentário por silly

“É o caso agora verificado em Heerenveen, cidade do clube homônimo, que preferiu manter o atacante da Seleção Brasileira Afonso Alves atado aos grilhões de um contrato defasado.”

Mas contrato é contrato, o que podemos fazer? Pense melhor antes de assiná-los. Boa sorte!

Comentário por O Estagiário

Afonso, não deixa ninguem endoidar a sua cabeça não. Contrato é contrato, mas se você jogue bem nos próximos 4 mêses, e faz muitos gols, todo mundo vai querer pagar os 20 milhões a Heerenveen, nesse inverno mesmo.

Comentário por Curitibano

Dear Afonso,

I think your one of the best players from the last 10 years in the Eredivisie. Fans of Heerenveen look up to you as they do to Abe Lenstra, and you will get your transfer in the winter or before next season, trust me. That talent that you have wont go to waste in another year playing for Heerenveen, with you in the team Heerenveen can get a top 5 at the end of the season, and then you cant be held by Heerenveen, so just play your longs out for antoher year en go for it.

Im a big admirer of you,

Hope you do well this season, kick some ass Afonso.

Comentário por Kevin Roost

Alves nun lige a edt tip di inchaca

Comentário por hdhkjd dhjdld

Sucesso para vc Afonso na seleção, e não leve a sério esses babacas holandeses como o “Slavery” otário que te comparou com um refugiado africano. Faça seu serviço bem feito para valorizar seu passe, mais cedo ou mais tarde esse timinho vai ter de te vender.

Qdo vc for embora faça uma banana pro povo dessa cidade fuleira.


Thiago Belo Horizonte/MG

Comentário por Thiago BH/MG


o clube esta certo..

assinaram contrao, o clube nao tem obrigaçao de vender..

isso é como de empresario tentando forçar a saida do jogador pra ganhar dinheiro..

coisa de PILANTRA

Comentário por diogo martins

Eu acho tranquilamente analisando friamente a maioria dos comentarios.O Heerenveen esta certo,o Roberto Tibúrcio esta certo.Vejamos o Heerenveen quer segurar o Alves,ja seu empresário quer negocia-lo de toda maneira,pois sabe que Alves ainda não é financeiramente equilibrado e que precisa de retaguarda financeira para ele e para a família dele Alves.

Segundo li:Alves trabalha com Robertto a mais de 10 anos e a relação é muito forte,parece-me que a respeito paterno por parte de Alves,Tibúrcio sempre brigou por Alves,e sempre conseguiu ajudar Alves e sua família.

Tanto é verdade que li no periodico de Belo Horizonte que Tiburcio,foi recebido no aeroporto de Belo Horizonte pela família de Alves.

Li também que ele Tiburcio não precisa do dinheiro de Afonso Alves,ja é rico!

Engraçado que Roberto Tibúrcio nesta mesma entrevista falou bem de dirigentes de Heerenveen,inclusive falou de postura muito profissional do lado de Heerenveen,dizendo que eles estavam defendendo o lado deles e ele Roberto o lado de Alves.

Falou que só não entrou na Fifa porque Alves:porque Alves poderia ficar suspenso e não jogar pelo Brasil.


Comentário por Rogerio Castro


Comentário por micky

afonso alvez i fooking class i would love to see him at pompey.
whats the story with him anyway.

Comentário por craig luke

break your leg and die!!!!, I hope that you will never play professional football again, you fucking loser, born on the streets and now thinking that you are good himself!!!
Pleas have a nice life in HELL!!!!!!!!!!!

Comentário por Afonsohater

Cara, esse contrato defasado deve ter sido assinado por alguem, nao? E creio q este alguem seja vc….
Po, o cara ganha 30 mil euros por mes e vem falar de escravidao…
Se nao quiseram te negociar, faça igual o Dani Alves: esqueça isso e jogue bola. Se jogar bem, seu passe vai ser valorizado mais ainda, ai vc vai embora e assina um contrato de verdade, ja q esse eh escravidao.

Passar bem.

Comentário por Danton

afonso, nao viaja cara…
tu jogou legal a ultima temporada…legal…parabens.
mas se o time nao ker te vender, dane-se. tu ganha pra jogar no time e fim.
esse palhaço do wagner, vai estragar sua carreira…vc jah está na seleção, e o que mais um jogador pode querer?
volte a jogar, demita esse estúpido, e seja feliz na Holanda, que eu sei que você é

Comentário por Russo

Ridiculo. Simplesmente ridículo. Vc se declara “jornalista”?!? Conhece a situação de algumas regiões brasileiras e fala q o caso do Afonso é “escravidão”!?!
Você deveria ser preso por isso.
Dê uma viajada por aí, ou melhor, assista um pouco de TV.

Comentário por rafael

Is Afonso Alves signing for Middlesbrough FC? I hope he does he would be worshipped just like the legend himself Juninho.

Comentário por Boro Fan

Um Escravo ganhando 400.000 euro. Pela amor de Deus. Se liga cara. Conta as seus benças, agadeca o Deus por tudo que tem. SC-Heerenveen foi uma grande bença na sua Carreira. De o respeito a eles que mereçem.

Comentário por Amigo

as a fareigner living in Holland I agree totally with your observations and I congratulate you for having the courage to say it

Comentário por allochtoon


Comentário por 出会い系

Mas contrato é contrato, o que podemos fazer? Pense melhor antes de assiná-los. Boa sorte!

Comentário por vigora

Dear Afonso,

Heerenveen tried it without you and you tried it without Heerenveen. If one thing became clear, it must be that you can’t do without eachother. You unfortunatly failed in England and Heerenveen failed to become champs.
Let’s put everything aside and come back to us.

An enormous fan

Comentário por Karst

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Thank you for your own support.

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Escravidão vigora em Heerenveen | :: BLOG Oficial do goleador Afonso Alves ::

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